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This will just be a short entry as I do have to work today. Hopefully tonight I will continue my series on my religious development or lack there of.

Vivid Dreams

Lately I have been having more instances of vivid dreams and other sleep related oddities. This includes having a period of sleep paralysis last week. I know our dreams are directly linked to our external influences and daily lives. They are also shaped by our past. My dreams have always been things that tend to remind of pain. Always of times past or things just out of the reach of my finger tips. Recently much more so.

My roommate has a theory as to why they are so much more so lately. I tend to easily become obsessed with things, hobbies, movies, books etc. My soup de jour has been Dexter. I love this series. It is the macabre sideshow that I am drawn to. If you have not watched the series or are not aware of it, it revolves around a serial killer who lives by a code and only kills murders who haveĀ escaped justice. While doing this he works for a police department in their forensics department. He is good at faking his life. Maybe that is another reason I love the show. The series is based on of books by Jeff Lindsay. I just started reading them and would highly recommend them to anyone who enjoys a good dark read. So Getting back to it my roommate has told me I should back off watching the show before bed. This is most likely very good advice. My subconscious must be firing up because of this. Though it does not take much to get my mind going in wild directions.

My roommate is the type who likes to have background noise while he tries to get to sleep so there are stretches where he would always have a movie on while going to bed. They would tend to be the movies he liked the most and can now pretty much recite them all. At one point the movie he had on a repeat cycle was American Psycho. He told me he had to stop after so long because it was beginning to influence his thoughts and dreams and was on his mind every day. I am not saying that it would make us do something terrible. That is laughable to me, but that does not mean it could not change the way we think.

So do I take his advice and find something more vanilla to entertain me before I drift off to sleep? I probably should, but we all know this obsession is not over yet. It will be in due time as anything else, that is my nature. For now I just enjoy something else I love and hope the dreams don’t torment me too much.


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